Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Show #33

In this epic (well, not really) show, I ramble about the weather, the riots in Paris, the cancellation of Arrested Development, the Canucks, AOL and TV oldies, Sony/BMG's folly and KT Tunstall. Featuring music by The Diableros, Rebecca Loebe and Cherrybomb.

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Blogger John Bollwitt said...

It's more than tragic as to what execs will do for a buck. Advertisers want good numbers before they put an ad on any show regardless of how good the show actually is. Compare it to bands... Death Cab for Cutie was this tiny, indie band for years before they made their way into "O.C. fame." You gotta give things time to mature and let the buzz grow. Corporations want things today and right now, and it totally sucks. I saw the demise of Arrested Development coming when they took it away from Sunday's and stuck in that crap show, War At Home. Yuck.

Another good example of this? Sports Night. Rebecca and I are going through that DVD set right now and she is falling in love with it. Such a great series... yanked because of low numbers and no regard for the awards it won.


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