Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Show #30

"Mmm....podsafe music"
In this podsafe music packed episode, I chat a bit about getting my promo on DSC #272, listener feedback, the Canucks, Kate Bush, the Lookout over Vancouver and CBC Radio. Featuring music from Lejeune, Diableros, Crashsite, Brother Love and Tony Marriott.

Episode 30 in mp3


Blogger nobuyuki said...

Congrats on getting your Promo on DSC!



4:15 PM  
Blogger nobuyuki said...

they always say it rains sooo much in Vancouver... but i think it's just that it's overcast for like 8 months a year!

I agree with posting up your FeedBurner link on your blog!
Because otherwise we can only use an ATOM feed...
Like the other guy, i don't use iTunes, i use FireANT (because of VLog and Podcast aggregation) has some good easy tutorials --although they are for vlogging-- but they go through instructions setting up blogger, feedburner, and puttingi feedburner chiclet on your blogger page =)

Is Crashsite part of the podsafe music network too? i really liked their song ^_^

how many revolving restaurants do we have in Vancouver anyways?
three? habour centre... the one on robson (cloud nine?), and another one out of downtown?

how much taller will living-shangri-la be... soon to be tallest building in vancouver? have you heard that surrey wants to build a building 20-30 stories taller than that?!!

Harbour Centre Tower's lookout:
Adult $10, Seniors/Youth/Children and groups are less...

CBC is like NPR and PBS rolled together yet much cooler since they have lots of very interesting programming, documentaries, ZED.CBC.CA!, and of course HOCKEY!!!

a lot of people complain about the CBC... but really the CBC brings us a lot of value for pennies a day (if you are a tax payer)

I liked the mix of talk and music in this episode... keep it up!!



5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Ody from Lejeune here. So yes we're from DC, home of the Washington Capitals. And yes, our proud team has won exactly half as many games as your Canucks. We're not expecting great things in this reunion year, but best of luck to your guys. Maybe the Caps will get to play them in a couple years.

What do you think of the new NHL rules? Personally I'm not seeing a whole lot more scoring.

Your pronunciation is close -- it's LUH-ZHOON. We'll be recording again soon so we'll have some new podsafe for ya. Thanks and Stay tuned!

5:39 PM  
Blogger Ken Clark said...


Nice choice of music on the show, I enjoyed listening, lots of great musicians in the Vancouver area, keep up the good work, Ken from Seattle and Beyond. Congrats on the DSC air time.

5:41 PM  
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