Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Show #27

"The first ever night episode"
Oh yes!! This episode was recorded at around 7pm. In this evening show, I chat about Wilma, the B.C. teacher's strike, Saddam Hussein, South Park, Batman Begins and Land of the Dead. Featuring music by amplifico, Lejeune and The Linda Maze Band.

Episode 27 in mp3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! Thanks for featuring Lejeune (le*zhoon) in Show #27 of alt.cast. Always fun to see where our tunes end up.

By the by, saw Batman Begins (on DVD, no less) for the first time two nights ago...it is fantastic. Really dig the backstory.

Anyhow, hope this finds you well. Keep on keepin' on, and thanks again for playing "Dead Again."



8:46 AM  

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