Wednesday, April 26, 2006

alt.cast | Episode 64

In this episode (2 x 10 + 40) + (2 x 2), I chat about the firing of Head Coach Crawford, HD-DVD, New Releases, Gas prices, and Firefox vs. IE. Featuring music from Matchbook Romance, Jenana, Diableros, Tara Leigh Cobble, Sonny Combs and Kitty Kat Rodeo, American Heartbreak, Candy Butchers, Skytone, and Bauer.

Episode 64 in mp3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just realized that i miss that candy butchers used to play it often in your show :)
yay!! bauer!! i was starting to jump up and down b/c i thought you were going to put 2 bauer songs back to

10:05 AM  

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