Monday, July 11, 2005

Welcome to Alt.Cast

Hello everyone (if anyone),

This is the blogsite for my podcast. That's, of course, if I ever end up doing Podcasts. But, any ways, let's assume that a few weeks down the road I start Podcasting. Well, what will it be about?

Well, Alt.Cast, and this blog site, will be about things that amuse and interest me. My topics will range from, and not be restricted to, MOVIES, TELEVISION, COMIC BOOKS, MUSIC, LIVE SHOWS, BOOKS, etc. I will try and tailor the show to be somewhat about Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (which is generally where I live) so that I can promote this fair city of mine.

Now, the name of the show and this blog suggests that this will be an alternative type of show. It won't really be that alternative. If anything, calling my show Alt.Cast is more tongue-in-cheek than anything. The term "alt" in my opinion is more mainstream than mainstream. Maybe I'll save that for topic for one of my podcasts. But, I will try to offer as much alternative and non-mainstream material as possible. I plan to spotlight songs by indie-artists from around Vancouver and from around the net. I'm sure I'll come up with some more alt stuff too.

The episodes will probably be very open so I may even just talk about whatever's on my mind on a specific day or if something in the world is bugging me I can rant. And, hopefully, it will amuse you. All two of you that will be listening to my podcasts. Yayyyy!!!!

Any ways, I'm just claiming my blog territory right now, but hopefully I will be podcasting soon. All I have to do is find that damn podcast key on my keyboard....


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