Sunday, August 10, 2008

alt.cast | Episode 145

In episode 145, I chat about the Olympics, The Dark Knight, and my dead XBOX 360. Featuring music by Nada Surf, Peter, Bjorn & John, Sharon Jones, and Black Lab.


Blogger nobuyuki said...

hey chris,

sorry this is long...

i don't get WHY people are complaining about something they can't change; Complaining about the Olympics is so very moot. The Olympics are coming; no one can change that. If people wanted to complaining, wouldn't the appropriate time have been back in 2004 or whenever that was when vancouver was bidding?

I was going to comment on Episodes 144 and 145 sound volumes...

Sitting on a train in Japan, I was listening and when you were speaking I had to turn it up... when music was playing, it blasted and forced me to turn it down.

But, I hear now you have been tweaking the sound. However, I still find it's too unbalanced (Music vs Speaking volumes)

Which brings me to a point I wanted to ask you as an apple enthusiast.

I use an iPod and OSX, but I use Panasonic SD technology, Windows, linux, and run a vaio. So I couldn't really call myself an apple enthusiast.

My question is:
Why doesn't the apple ipod have a decibel based volume limiter?
Would it not be easy enough to insert volume limiting into the dsp?

As an apple enthusiastic, do you think this would be contrary to the apple user experience? would it be annoying to setup and consequently unpopular with the primary apple market?

Dark Knight:
3 times? what's the cost of theatres in Vancouver?
When I left Vancouver it was maybe 10-13$ but here in Japan it is at least $18.

However, even here in Japan where they didn't even offer a dubbed version, the theatre was packed in its 2nd week here.

Titanic was high grossing but with the current strategy, shouldn't we include DVD/BD sales after 1 year from theatrical release?
Perhaps that would be a better way of determining what movies are the highest grossing?

good luck with your xbox.
i'm glad they provided you the UPS box and you didn't have to pay for that shipping.

Keep up the great work and thank you for continuing to put out episodes of your show.

10:45 PM  

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