Tuesday, March 28, 2006

alt.cast | Episode 60

In this 60th episode, I talk Canucks, Canucks, Canucks. Also, I chat about South Park vs. Scientology again, the riots in the streets of Paris, and it is new release Tuesday. Featuring music by Motion City Soundtrack, Orange, 50 Foot Wave, The Promise Ring, Melodrome, U.S.E. and Madison's Panic.

Episode 60 in mp3

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

alt.cast | Episode 59

In this pre episode 60 episode, I chat about the do or die situation with the Canucks, the South Park vs. Scientology battle, Tuesday new releases, the PS3 release date, and XBOX. Featuring music from American Heartbreak, Jennifer Richman, Motion City Soundtrack, Tricky, Matthew Ebel, The Diableros, and The Puffins.

Episode 59 in mp3

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

alt.cast | Episode 58

In this 58th episode, I chat about the Canucks and their losing ways, Google, Myspace, new releases, and other bits and bites. Featuring a variety of music by American Heartbreak, Fern, Sophia Ramos, Adrian Glynn, The Hillbilly Casino, and Motion City Soundtrack.

Episode 58 in mp3

Monday, March 13, 2006

alt.cast | Episode 57 (Repost)

In this first ever Saturday morning edition, I go on about the Vancouver Canucks, water in space, Bill Gates being a billionaire, and Ultra the TV series? Featuring music from the Candy Butchers, Plastic Soul Band, Tim Fite, Motion City Soundtrack, Dangerdoom, Morning Lane, and Tony Marriott.

Episode 57 in mp3

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

alt.cast | Episode 56

In this breathtaking 56th episode, I chat about the Oscars, Dana Reeve, Jenny Lewis, the Canucks, City & Colour, Little Britain and Tuesday's New Releases. Featuring music from Brother Love, Jessica Beach, Sci-Fi Lullaby, Lejeune, The Bombhappies and 46bliss.

Jenny Lewis at Richard's on Richards on Tuesday night. (Photo courtesy of JAC)

Episode 56 in mp3