Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Show #53

In this music heavy episode, I chat about Valentine's Day, the Canucks, the Olympics and Dick Cheney. Featuring music by Candy Butchers, Big Japan, Matchbook Romance, Sweet Daddy, The Mydols, Demerit 7, The Sessions, The Bombhappies and Snake Handshakes

Episode 53 in mp3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey chris,
i totally agree on valentines day...i think it's trying to rip people off on buying flowers/cards/chocolates/bears with hearts...you know what i mean. anyways, i don't celebrate it. as for mother's father's day, i think we should be nice to our parents any given day and not have a day to especially celebrate that...

thanks for putting on the sessions :) they have a new track up on myspace..you can go check it out if you have time.

i like the candy butchers song you put on...made me want to dance but then again, i'm at work, so i shouldn't...haha


2:55 PM  

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