Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Show #23

Hello, and welcome to yet another episode. In this episode, I discuss the CBC, the NHL, small cars, Serenity, Family Guy DVD and Death Cab. Featuring music from Ride Theory, Lee Harris 3, Whitfield and Death Cab for Cutie. Also visit, From Blown Speakers.

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Blogger nobuyuki said...

"burn the land and boil the sea... you cannot take the sky from me"

I agree with much of what you have been saying in Shows 22 and 23 about Firefly and Serenity.

Firefly is a great human drama tastefully crafted together in a post-post-(chinese+american)apocalyptic age... where the amazing setting (where the cultures from the Earth That Was have been blended together) have been overshadowed by truly identifiable human drama where people are just trying to survive.

I've been saying for a few months now that Science Fiction should not be made for geeks but should be made for people... with identifiable human drama... and I think series like FireFly truly accomplish this.

I heard somewhere that Joss wanted the series to be picked up for another season... and that making the movie would hopefully get the series picked up... and if not... then he'll go for more movies...

I honestly like the television series better (despite it slower feel) because of it's character driven nature... but i agree with you.. the movie was very enjoyable... and i cannot wait for more firefly/serenity...

(that and I nice double pack of the FireFly series combined with Serenity)

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